Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Resuming Blogging 

It is difficult to resume something mundane like blogging after the catastrophe all of us witnessed on Boxing Day. I still find it difficult to fully comprehend the scale of the devastaton. All of us here at Zoo Station decided that we would resume blogging, but we would keep the Tsunami Relief Post alive for as long as is necessary. Rather than keep the post on top as we've done the past 10 days, we decided that we would instead provide a link to it above all the other posts. Anyone wanting to have a look at that post again can simply click that link.

I thought I'd resume normal blogging with a story of how an architectural marvel actually withstood the fury of the Tsunami. The Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram somehow managed to stand its ground, in addition to offering protection to everyone caught inside. How a building constructed in the 6th century AD withstood the Tsunami while buildings built last year collapsed will remain one of the mysteries of this catastrophe. In addition, T.S. Subramanian reports that the Tsunami provided archaeologists with a serendipitous discovery.

Some structures and rocks, perhaps the components a of a complex of which the Shore Temple at Mamallapuram was originally a part, came into view when the sea initially receded from the shoreline before the waves hit back with brute force on December 26, according to accounts provided by eyewitnesses today. But these objects were promptly submerged when the waves came back.

According to Dr. Satyamurthy, what came into view could be "structural members and remains of the continuation of the Shore Temple on the east, running towards the south." He said it was clear that more architectural structures remained submerged beyond the Shore Temple.