Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Googling for WMD 

Here's a really worthwhile investment of your time -- go to Google , enter "weapons of mass destruction" in the search field, and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Enjoy what you find. According to ZD Net news , this gag has attracted over a million visitors in the past one week. To me, not only is it a great gag, but its also a testament to how you can use google's search algorithm to your advantage. In this case, the wider the gag circulates, the higher its relevance will be on google, thereby ensuring a reign at the top of the search list. Unless and until the White House and 10, Downing Street launch a counter offensive, i.e. :) Thanks, Karen, for pointing it out to me.

PS: The author of the gag, Anthony Cox, also has a New York Times "invent story" spoof site, which puts Jayson Blair to very good use. One Blair or another, bliars all!!