Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Almost everything you wanted to know about Dean, but were afraid to ask.  

The strange case of Howard Dean is getting curioser and curioser. He has managed to raise more money than all the other democratic contenders, relies heavily on the Net to raise funds, maintains his own blog and calls himself a representative of the democratic wing of the Democratic party. However, not much is known about him beyond his role as governor of Vermont and his opposition to the Iraq War. Howard Fineman provides some additional information about the man and his background in Newsweek.

Ironically, the roots and rising of one Howard Brush Dean III bear an eerie similarity to those of one George Walker Bush: Mayflowering family trees, early industrial-era money, family compounds near Atlantic waters, prep schools and a party-hearty life at Yale (Bush ’68, Dean ’71). The birthright of such an upbringing is confidence in social position and a sense of license to say anything to anyone at any time—without warning, restraint or evident regret.