Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wolfowitz it is! 

A couple of weeks back, we were discussing who would succeed Jim Wolfensohn at the World Bank. Looks like the Bush administration has managed to go with the most controversial nomination (as is their wont) -- Paul Wolfowitz. A man so hawkish that the Economist called him a velociraptor, since calling him a hawk would not not do him justice. The nomination worries me, partly because I think what the World Bank needs is a realist, not an uber idealist neo-con. Nevertheless, I'd still say give the man some time. If nothing else, he has a wealth of experience in formulating policy, even if none of it has been in the development/poverty alleviation domain.

I have read a few edits criticising the choice of a defense department person becoming head of the biggest development institution of the world. They seem to be forgetting the background of the Bank's longest serving president, Robert McNamara. And for those of you who remain unconvinced by my cautiously optimistic prognosis, look at the bright side. This means that Wolfowitz is no longer at the Defense Department.